Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Yesterday G'ma and G'pa from Greensboro came to visit. We had a blast! Elliott really loves his Grandpa! E's Aunt Jennifer sent along the cutest chef hat and apron and Aunt Michele sent this awesome light up drum that basically has a big button on the top. If you know anything about E you know he loves buttons, so this is the perfect toy for him! Video to follow!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Clothing Recon

Okay, so I got this beautiful merino wool cream cardigan at a clothing swap. I tried it on while we were there, loved it and brought it home gleefully. A free Banana Republic cardi? Yes please! Upon seeing it in the light of day I realize there's a yellow stain on the front of it, and the collar was frayed and falling off. As I can't stand to give/throw away clothes, and can sew a little, I figured I could fix the collar and sew on some cream lace to cover the yellow that didn't wash out. Here are the results.

Gingerbread Men

Today we made gingerbread men! For some reason I thought it would be pretty laborious and a sticky mess to roll out the dough and cut out the men, but it was actually a piece of cake and was a relatively neat procedure. After E woke up from his nap we sat him down at the table with a cookie and a cup of milk. He was mostly interested in the royal icing we were using to adhere our buttons, eyes, etc. It was a fun rainy day activity and was the first time I've ever made them from scratch. Now who wants to come help me decorate the other 30 cookies?


E loves going outside, even when it's super cold. Yesterday was gorgeous, despite the chill in the air, so we indulged him. Perfect opportunity for a photo op!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oh my...

Has it really been NINE MONTHS since I last posted?! Is this how it will be with me and blogging? Posting once a year? I'm so sorry, dear followers!

I had hoped to keep this blog updated to help remind me of all the new and funny things that E is doing, but have been too busy chasing him to keep up with it. (Bad excuse, I know, even busy mommies have five minutes a day to sit down and post a picture or two!) I hope you will accept this video as an offering of my sincere apologies.