Monday, December 15, 2008


Today Elliott and I went to the post office at Crabtree Mall. Big mistake. It was so congested with holiday shoppers, and for some reason everyone was going in reverse. I literally got behind THREE different people who backed up in front of me. One person even had the gall to wave their hand out of their window for ME to back up. What the heck? I'm not the one who missed the parking space because I was on my cell phone! (Mom and dad - no comments about how I have road rage!)

Later Elliott and I went to the park where we watched a 4 year old little boy being chased and caught by his mother (against his will) and a 7 year old boy who kept jumping from the swings. All I could think about is how rambunctious the little boys were, and how OH MY GOD I have one of those little things and that's going to be me chasing my son in a couple of years!

Tonight we went to get Chinese food. I had forgotten to eat all day, and Andy only had a muffin so we were both starved. Elliott is SO good when we take him out. I take him places without fear that he's going to freak out and pitch a fit. I let him taste my pineapple, and he made a series of funny faces, none of which looked too disgusted. When we got home Elliott ate an entire bowl of cereal.

My fortune: "It is better to have a hen tomorrow than an egg today." My thoughts exactly.

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Anna said...

It is better to have that hen tomorrow...guess I better forgo that 52 inch plasma television. I want a cabin someday, on a lake!

Elliot sounds like the perfect baby. Eva is that way. As long as she's with me, she's fine..completely. In fact, her and I get to fly to GA in a couple of weeks, and I'm not worried about it one bit!

It was great to see you post today. I hope everything is better on the home front and you got that romantic night you were supposed to have. :)