Wednesday, February 10, 2010

E Update!

Words he says (that we understand!): mama, dada, dog (doggem), baby (baba), yogurt (goga), water (wawa), sock (ock), Dora, bye bye, truck (uck), apple (papuh), duck, banana (bana). He also imitates a few sounds now, mostly animal sounds, including monkey, cow, dog, horse, tiger, lion and duck. He can identify when a truck is driving by from inside the house and makes a guttural rumbling noise and makes a siren noise when you ask what sound a fire truck makes and is now learning what sound a train makes.

Another new thing that he's gotten really good at is finding all the animals of a certain type, no matter their shape or size. So if you ask him where the elephant is, he will point to it in a book, and then find an elephant stuffed animal and a plastic elephant.

He does a million things now, it's amazing how much he's learned without any help from us! Our baby is now a toddler, running, throwing balls, coloring, patting baby dolls on the back, eating his own food with a spoon. It's so fascinating and incredible! He brings so much joy to our lives.

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