Monday, February 15, 2010

Feeling Strange...

The weather says it should rain for a good part of the day today. The house smells like stale ash from the fireplace. The house is dark, and cool. Laundry is all washed and dried and needs to be put away, dishes are drying in the dishwasher, will soon need to be put away. Tomorrow is trash and recycling day, must remember to take it out to the curb. We found a meal moth last night, so today I have to tear apart the kitchen and find the source.

A few things to look forward to, though: just ordered new prescription sunglasses, and got them for about $15 apiece with shipping, should get some supplies I need to make a special order for friend's wedding, have lost a good amount of weight and clothes are fitting a little better (still have about 5 lbs to go to be pre-pregnancy weight). A few other things too. Just feeling a little strange today.

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