Monday, February 1, 2010

Am I Cursed?

Is it bad karma? Is it that 2010 just isn't our year? Is it just how life is? Can't seem to have a good thing happen for us so far this year. Between illness, car problems, money being stolen from our bank account, injuries and stress from Andy's work and MBA schedule, I feel like we are running a marathon that we can't win.

Currently E is sick with some stomach virus, the dog has an injured leg, my wisdom tooth is coming in and causing the worst headache and as if that weren't enough, we are iced-in. Not even snowed-in. Our street is solid ice. I did at least get out and take some photos and get some sunshine the last couple of days, but this is also really hurting my weight loss effort!

I know these negative entries are a blast to read, but sometimes you just have to get it out there. I'm accepting donations of sugarless, butterless, calorie-free cookies if any of you are in a baking mood :)


Andrea said...

Things are going to look up, I just know it! January and February are the suckiest months ever.

alicia said...

I thought the holidays were!