Thursday, November 6, 2008


Elliott did two (almost three) things today that surprised me and made me so excited!

First off, he fell asleep on his own at about midnight and slept until 2:45. This is a 45 minute improvement over the last time, when I found him upside down in his crib. Also - it didn't require much intervention from me.

Second, he rolled over from tummy to back on his own! We've been having a lot more tummy time lately and he's been rolling back and forth with a little help. Usually being on his tummy makes him so cranky and he ends up crying and drooling all over the place until I flip him on his back. This time he just sort of got it in his head that he was tired of tummy time, and rolled over on his own. I was so excited I was clapping and laughing and he was grinning ear to ear!

Third, today while on his play mat, I looked over and Elliott was laying on his side and throwing his hand on top forward and was pushing with the foot that was on top - trying to roll over on his tummy! Over the course of about half an hour he managed to spin his whole body around almost completely 360 degrees. Any day now he'll be rolling over on his own! How exciting!

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Anna said...

AWWWW! Yay, how exciting! Ready to be out of the bassinet and into that crib! At least, that's what we did with our little squiggler at the time.